Hydraulic heat pump system contributes to reduce global warming, and it is more popular for house heating while LNG becoming more expansive (Sep. 24th, 2021)

Slow and stop global warming and climate change

Reducing greenhouse gases emission is an efficient way to slow and stop human-caused global warming and climate change.

The greenhouse gases CO2, CH4, N2O, HFCs, PFCs and SF6 will be controlled according to Kyoto Protocol. The popular refrigerant now used in a heat pump will be HFCs. How the refrigerant being used and recycled correctly is an issue must be concerned.

Global energy structure is also concerned and human is now working hard on changing to renewable energy.

Types of refrigerant
Refrigerant used for hydraulic heat pump
Global Energy Structure Table
LNG price goes up

Carbon Neutrality and Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions were raised. China now strive to reach peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

LNG Liquefied Natural Gas “LNG” is a relative “clean” energy when compared with coal. Gas boiler is a popular heating device widely used for house heating.

However, the tense situations in Europe, COVID-19 pandemic and the flood of US dollar, the commodity prices go up, the price of LNG is becoming more expansive than ever before.

Last September in Europe it cost €119 ($139) to buy enough gas to heat the average home for a year, and the continent’s gas-storage facilities were brimming. Today it costs €738 and stocks are scarce.

Natural-gas shortages threaten governments’ green goals, The Economist

The worst is that some families cannot afford such expansive energy costs.

According to TNO, a total of 550 thousand households have difficulty paying their energy bill. Families experiencing energy poverty spend 13 to 20 percent of their income on energy bills. For the average household, that is only 5 percent. Energy poverty is particularly a problem in the northeastern parts of the country.

Over 500,000 NL households struggle to keep the lights on
Actions with hydraulic heat pump solutions
heat pump water heater
A hydraulic heat pump installed in Cape Town, South Africa

A heat pump has extreme high efficiency. When consumes 1kW electricity, it absorbs about 3kW energy from the nature. The electricity can be supplied by clean energy, such as electricity that generated from solar PV panels. UK has a plan to install 60000 heat pumps for residents. (Click to read the news)

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